How camp works
We run fun-filled, positive, inspiring camps for hundreds of children, aged 7-11, across four states every year. Each camp has 1-3 camp directors, assistants, and a range of volunteers - including a buddy for each child - who prepare throughout the year for their chance to give 'at risk' children a place where they can leave their worries behind and just be kids.

Bundaberg QLD Camp 2019 (NEW)

7-12 April 2019 (children to arrive on the 8th April) 

Camp dates: 7/04/2019 – 12/04/2019 (Children arrive on the 8th April) Lead by: Emma Reibelt  Bundaberg is about to get its first SCK Camp in 2019.  Located in Northern Queensland, Emma will gather her team from all around Australia and provide much needed opportunities for kids from the North.  Perfect weather is always assured when … Continued

Emerald QLD Camp 2019

29 Sep - 04 Oct 2019 (children arrive on the 30th Sep) 

Camp dates: 29 Sep – 4 Oct 2019  (Children arrive on the 30th Sep) Lead by: Emma Reibelt  Geographically, this is our most remote camp at present, located in central Queensland. Emma gathers her team from all around Australia and they come together to do a great job. Perfect weather is always assured when you … Continued